Thursday, February 19, 2015

January - February BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge (Kawaii Must-haves)

Hello everyone. :) 

This is my third BDJ Box subscription already but this is the first that I dared to do the 7 day Challenge. You can check this post to learn more about the products that I used to complete this challenge.

My Morning Product:

Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence:

7 day Challenge: Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence
February 9 - 15, 2015
I used this product for 7 consecutive days. I applied it after applying Moisturizer then topped it with L'Oreal Mat Magique Transforming Powder. And since it can be used as make-up base as per the product description, I didn't used any foundation and BB cream during the challenge. Take note that I only used this product on my face. :)

My Experience: 

  • Easily glides on my skin during application.
  • Good makeup base.  It doesn't make my makeup look cakey. 
  • Good coverage. 
  • Did not cause any break out ( I had some pimples only because it's the "time of the month" when I did the challenge)
  • Shiny Finish. 
  • Make my skin a bit oily. I tried using it without using the serum and the moisturizer but I still get the same result.
  • Take a long time to be fully absorbed.
  • A little bit pricey / expensive.
  • I don't like the smell (a little bit strong smell of alcohol).
Will I buy this again? Hmmm. Since I am not a fan of the smell, I think I won't. We'll see after I finished the entire tube if I'll repurchase or not.

Lucido-L Styling Milk (Airy): 

Every day is bad hair day for me. My hair condition is really in a bad shape. All the treatments I had in the past is taking a toll on my hair now. That's why I am so eager to give Lucido-L Hair Styling Milk a try. I skipped using it on Day 4 because i want to rest my hair a little bit by making it chemical free (no shampoo, conditioner and other hair products).

My Experience:

  • It does not feel greasy and sticky.
  • I love the smell, it's kinda addictive. 
  • It does add extra shine to my hair.
  • Got less frizzy hair after application.
  • It helps me achieve the volume of the hair that I want.
  • 4 pumps is not enough because of my long and thick hair so I ended up using more product.
  • Though it does add extra shine on my hair, I noticed that it does not help moisturize my hair. 
  • Tamed hair doesn't stay that long, especially when my hair is already dry. 
  • Pricey / Expensive for me. 
Will I buy it again? No. There's a lot of styling hair product that work better than this one. :)

My Evening Products:

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Sebum): 

I only used it for 6 days, I skipped using it for a day (4th day) because I didn't used any makeup that day. Instead I just wash my face with my regular facial wash.

My Experience:

  • It is not stingy (especially on my pimples) 
  • Non greasy and light weight. 
  • It does not dry my skin. 
  • Brighten up my face. 
  • Did not cause any breakouts.
  • Since it is in liquid form, I had a hard time controlling the amount (on my first and second try) because of the pump. I ended up using too much product in one cotton ball. :'( (I know the technique now :P)
  • Does not completely removed all the traces. I had to use 2 wet cotton balls to wipe off the makeup and the accumulated dirt on my face plus 1 dry cotton ball to wipe off the remaining traces. So washing after removing your make up is a must. To think that I don't apply heavy makeup at all. 
  • Quite expensive too.
Will I buy this again? Maybe. 

Lucido-L Treatment Oil: 

I skipped using it for 2 days. On Day 4 (chemical free hair day) and on Day 6 (I braid my hair after using the styling milk, and I let the braid stay overnight).
This one is my favorite among the products that I tried for this challenge.

My Experience:

  • First, I love the smell and the scent stays on my hair until the next day.
  • I got soft, shiny and manageable hair in the morning.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy. 
  • aside from being a bit pricey, there's nothing else. :)
Will I buy this again. YES ♥

So this is my 7 day challenge.

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Until Here.
See you soon folks!


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