Thursday, February 19, 2015

January - February BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge (Kawaii Must-haves)

Hello everyone. :) 

This is my third BDJ Box subscription already but this is the first that I dared to do the 7 day Challenge. You can check this post to learn more about the products that I used to complete this challenge.

My Morning Product:

Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence:

7 day Challenge: Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence
February 9 - 15, 2015
I used this product for 7 consecutive days. I applied it after applying Moisturizer then topped it with L'Oreal Mat Magique Transforming Powder. And since it can be used as make-up base as per the product description, I didn't used any foundation and BB cream during the challenge. Take note that I only used this product on my face. :)

My Experience: 

  • Easily glides on my skin during application.
  • Good makeup base.  It doesn't make my makeup look cakey. 
  • Good coverage. 
  • Did not cause any break out ( I had some pimples only because it's the "time of the month" when I did the challenge)
  • Shiny Finish. 
  • Make my skin a bit oily. I tried using it without using the serum and the moisturizer but I still get the same result.
  • Take a long time to be fully absorbed.
  • A little bit pricey / expensive.
  • I don't like the smell (a little bit strong smell of alcohol).
Will I buy this again? Hmmm. Since I am not a fan of the smell, I think I won't. We'll see after I finished the entire tube if I'll repurchase or not.

Lucido-L Styling Milk (Airy): 

Every day is bad hair day for me. My hair condition is really in a bad shape. All the treatments I had in the past is taking a toll on my hair now. That's why I am so eager to give Lucido-L Hair Styling Milk a try. I skipped using it on Day 4 because i want to rest my hair a little bit by making it chemical free (no shampoo, conditioner and other hair products).

My Experience:

  • It does not feel greasy and sticky.
  • I love the smell, it's kinda addictive. 
  • It does add extra shine to my hair.
  • Got less frizzy hair after application.
  • It helps me achieve the volume of the hair that I want.
  • 4 pumps is not enough because of my long and thick hair so I ended up using more product.
  • Though it does add extra shine on my hair, I noticed that it does not help moisturize my hair. 
  • Tamed hair doesn't stay that long, especially when my hair is already dry. 
  • Pricey / Expensive for me. 
Will I buy it again? No. There's a lot of styling hair product that work better than this one. :)

My Evening Products:

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Sebum): 

I only used it for 6 days, I skipped using it for a day (4th day) because I didn't used any makeup that day. Instead I just wash my face with my regular facial wash.

My Experience:

  • It is not stingy (especially on my pimples) 
  • Non greasy and light weight. 
  • It does not dry my skin. 
  • Brighten up my face. 
  • Did not cause any breakouts.
  • Since it is in liquid form, I had a hard time controlling the amount (on my first and second try) because of the pump. I ended up using too much product in one cotton ball. :'( (I know the technique now :P)
  • Does not completely removed all the traces. I had to use 2 wet cotton balls to wipe off the makeup and the accumulated dirt on my face plus 1 dry cotton ball to wipe off the remaining traces. So washing after removing your make up is a must. To think that I don't apply heavy makeup at all. 
  • Quite expensive too.
Will I buy this again? Maybe. 

Lucido-L Treatment Oil: 

I skipped using it for 2 days. On Day 4 (chemical free hair day) and on Day 6 (I braid my hair after using the styling milk, and I let the braid stay overnight).
This one is my favorite among the products that I tried for this challenge.

My Experience:

  • First, I love the smell and the scent stays on my hair until the next day.
  • I got soft, shiny and manageable hair in the morning.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy. 
  • aside from being a bit pricey, there's nothing else. :)
Will I buy this again. YES ♥

So this is my 7 day challenge.

For more information regarding BDJ Box make sure to follow their social media accounts.


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Monday, February 16, 2015

L'Oreal Mat Magique All-in-one Matte Powder

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by. 

I've been using my old compact powder from Fashion 21 for quite a long time so I'm planning to actually buy a new one when payday comes. Good thing I won a free Mat Magique All-in-One Matter Powder from L'Oreal Philippines last January 31. Thank God I don't have to slash a few money from my "savings". 

at the L'Oreal Paris booth at SM MOA Atrium
About L'Oreal Mat Magique All-in-one Matte Powder: (as per the packaging)

The 1st** Magical Matte All-in-One Powder infused with Volcanic Perlite Infusion, a natural yet powerful sebum absorbant. Complexion enjoys a just-out of shower fresh finish and sensation. 12 hours shine free, poreless skin perfection that lasts.

1. PRIMES + - Shine-free skin canvass for skin-balancing preparation
2. COVERS + - minimize appearance of all blemish and skin imperfections.
3. PERFECTS + - Ultra-smooth poreless skin transformation, a refined airy smoothing finish.

RESULT: 12H shine-frree fresh look, impeccably poreless finish and ultra sensorial velvety soft touch.

Use alone or apply evenly over BB cream or liquid foundation.


I chose the R1 (Rose Ivory) shade.

This photo was taken last Saturday (February 7). The first picture was taken inside our house. The second photo was taken after commuting for almost an hour and before I took our long examination. The third photo (Lower left) was taken after the examination. (I have to used the front camera because I can't take a proper photo using the back camera). :'( The last picture was taken inside our house before cleaning up my face. All photos except the third one was taken with Automatic flash on my camera. 

My face becomes shiny after about 2 or 3 hours upon makeup application when I was still using my old powder but after using the Mat Magique transforming powder I can go on without re-applying powder to lessen the shine. And by the way I also used less oil control sheet than before. For someone like me who is not really fond of retouching and re-applying makeup, this product is definitely a must-have. This is really one of the best powder I've used in my life so far.

* available in 5 shades that suits most Filipinas.
* Not heavy on skin
* light to medium coverage
* Shine free for a long time
* affordable at PHP 499 only
* matte finish 
* separate compartment for the powder and the sponge
* with SPF 34 PA+++
* no need to retouch frequently

* emphasize dryness so better use moisturizer first before applying this.
* you may need to retouch if you have a very oily skin.

Will I buy this again? YES. YES. YES. I might try other shades too :)

Have you tried this product yet? If not, I suggest you try it and experience the magic also.

Where to buy?: L'Oreal Paris booths and Department Store Nationwide.

For more information about L'Oreal Paris Products you can visit their PH sites here.


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

BDJ Box 7 Day Challenge: Introduction

I am free until tomorrow so I'm going to update my blog. I think I have 4 or 5 drafts waiting for me and I hope to finish them all by tomorrow. 

Anyway, I've mentioned on my recent post that I'll be joining the BDJ Box 7 Day Challenge. I also mentioned that I'll be using the Lucido-L Styling Milk and Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm. Tonight I decided to add the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion and the Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence as well. 

But first let me tell you how to do this challenge.

Step 1: Use one or multiple products featured in the January-February box for 7 days. You have to take photos of actual use and then share your experience or feedback on the products. 
Step 2: Post 1 blog entry sharing your BDJ Box Experience. 

One winner will win a package from Kiss Me Heroine Make, Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, and Lucido-L Hair Care Products from BDJ Box. 

I'm planning to start the challenge tomorrow so I'm going to give you some background about the product that I'm going to use.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Sebum) - Oil Control for combination oily skin. Bifesta Cleansing Express Sebum contains green tea extract, an anti-oxidant that removes free radical. It slows down skin aging by giving extra moisture to dry parts and at the same time tightens the pores, preventing the excessive oil formation. This will allow the face to have an even-toned, nourished skin, making it rejuvenated. 

How to Use Bifesta.
1. Wet cotton pad with Bifesta Cleansing for about 2-3 pumps. 
2. Remove the Makeup by gently wiping wet cotton pad oven the face. 
3. When removing eye makeup, hold the cotton for a while then carefully wipe it off in a downward motion to avoid  contact with eyes. 
4. For heavy makeup users, change cotton and repeat the process until no traces of dirt can be seen.

* Lucido-L Hair Styling Milk - Daytime Hair Supplement. Hair styling product with treatment function powered by high penetrating Hyaluronic Acid that coats hair strands for soft and tangle free hair. With long lasting sweet fruity-floral fragrant.

How to Use:
1. Apply Styling Milk to semi-dry hair.
2. Spread a suitable amount on your palm (about 1-2 pumps for semi-long hair.
3. For crown area - Lift and tousle hair with fingers to create volume at the roots.
4. For side area - Lift the ends from below , knead and push upward ina scrunching motion.
1 pump is approximately 0.5g. Approximately 140 applications.

* Lucido-L treatment Oil Perm - Night Time Hair Supplement. Wake up to a softer, smoother hair. It repairs dry and damage hair during sleep making hair soft and smooth, with CMC-like ingredients fills up the gaps caused by damage. With light fruity-floral fragrant. 

How to Use: Ideal to be used at night time or before bed time. 
1. Use on semi-dry hair that has been towel-dried after washing.
2. Spread a suitable amount on your palm (about 4-5 pumps for semi-long hair.
3. Apply on areas where treatment is needed especially on hair ends.

* Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence - This water based Japanese sunscreen gel feels water-light and delivers superior UVA protection and can double as your make up base. It applies like water and sebum proof, leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth

How to Use: (can't understand what's on the packaging. It's written in Japanese characters).
I will apply it just how I apply my current sunscreen. :) 

These are all the products that I'm going to use from the January-February box. But be informed that I might use other products that's not included in the box like moisturizer, makeups and others. I'll be posting another blog where I'll put all the photos of my experience everyday. 

bawal lait. hahahaha ^^
Here's my skin and hair conditions as of this moment. :) This will be my BEFORE photo ♥ 

I'm excited to share to you my journey and my 7 Day Experience.

Until here.
See you soon folks!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Quick Review on Pantene 3 Minute Miracle: Make Miracles Happen

After almost a week of trying to snag a free sample from Sample Room, I finally received my 70 ml Pantene 3 Minute Miracle today. And because I'm excited to experience the 3-minute miracle  that everyone is gushing and talking about I used it immediately. 

What we need to know about Pantener 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner?

Well, the New Pantene Miracle Conditioner is named the Philippines' first Cosmopolitan Beauty Crush.

What it Claims?

  • Get Touchable Smoother Hair.
  • Addictive New Fragrance. 
  • Smoothens 3 months of Damage.
  • Filipinas choose the New Pantene Conditioner.
  • 8 out of 10 women gave 3 Minute Miracle top marks making it superior in 
  1. Improving hair health
  2. Helping repair damage. 
  3. Leaving hair smooth.
  4. Strengthening hair.
  5. Preventing split ends. 
  6. Providing immediate results.
How to use it?
After shampoo, apply onto damp hair. Leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Size and Price: 
70 ml - PHP 59 / 180 ml - PHP 159 / 340 ml - PHP 259


Scent: ♥♥♥♥♥
Moisturizing Properties: ♥♥♥♥♥
Hair Improvement: ♥♥♥♥♥
Over-all Experience: ♥♥♥♥♥

I have a seriously damaged hair (see photos below for reference) because of those treatments (rebond, reborn, cellophane, etc) I had from the past. And to minimize further damage, I stopped washing my hair everyday. Instead I wash it every 2 or 3 days and use shampoo and conditioner once a week, sometimes I use Baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar as substitute to shampoo and conditioner. I also stopped having hair treatment since 2011. I tried many products, conditioners, leave-on and the likes to manage my crowning glory but to no avail, either they don't work or they leave my hair more seriously damaged.

At first I thought Pantene 3 minute miracle is just like any other product that promises a lot but doesn't deliver at all just like those I tried in the past. But after reading all the positive reviews, I got curious and decided to grab a sample (who doesn't want a free sample anyway). And truth be told after using 3 Minute Miracle, I was amazed by the result. I used to struggle a lot when combing my hair (especially when it dries up after a shower) because of the tangles here and there. But now, my hair's so soft, smooth, tangled free, shinier, lighter and more manageable than before. I also love its fruity smell. I doesn't disappoint me at all. Though I still have frizzy hair and but I noticed that it is not as frizzy as before.
Left: before washing today
Right: my hair almost everyday :)
Left: my hair after using other brand of conditioner 
Right: my hair after using Pantene 3 minute Miracle Conditioner
Semi-Dry Hair
Left: my hair after using other brand of conditioner
my hair after using Pantene 3 minute Miracle
I've definitely made a switch. Miracle do surely happen. Try it and experience miracle in just 3 minutes.

Currently there's no available stocks on Sample Room but they do restock from time to time. You just have to do some "ninja moves" in order for you to get it because the samples get sold-out in a blink of an eye.

You can find Sample Room here
Like their Facebook page :
Follow them on Twitter and Instagram:

You can find Pantene Philippines here
Like their Facebook Page

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unboxing: January-February BDJ Box Exclusive: Kawaii Must-Haves

Hello there Bellas! Here comes the January-February BDJ Box, the first box for the year 2015. I am soooo excited for the arrival of this box since Saturday (after reading an email from Xend and Viviamo). So, I knew then that I will receive this one by Monday. It arrived when I was in school, and my husband received it on my behalf. Good thing yesterday was his rest day.

Anyway, this is my third BDJ Box subscription (one on Nov. 2012 and the other one was on Aug. 2014). I think I paid for this box last October 2014.  I am very happy that I was able to subscribe because the box sold out easily. Enough said let's just go and head straight to unboxing this gorgeous and kawaii box. 

The theme for this month is Kawaii Must-haves. Kawaii means cute. The box is a bit bigger than the usual BDJ Box and a lot heavier. You'll know why in a bit. 

You will see the product information card and the stickers first when you open the box.

The box featured Japanese products such as  Lucido-L, Pixy, Bifesta and Sunkiller. 

The box has a total of 8 items and all of them comes in full size. Isn't that sweet? :) 
the reason behind the heavier and bigger BDJ Box :) 
Here's the complete list of the items inside the box.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Sebum (300 ml) - PHP 419

Upon seeing this yesterday, I searched online reviews about this right away, and they are saying a lot of good stuff about it. I am excited to try this one. 

Lucido-L Styling Milk (70 ml) - PHP 295
Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm (50 ml) - PHP 295

I wanted to try this product when Sample Room offered it, but it was sold out already when I saw it. I'm glad these are included in the box. I will definitely try it. I might as well, try to do the 7-days Challenge using these products. 

Pixy Eye Shadow (2.8g) - PHP 315
Pixy Blush-on (3.5g) - PHP 345
Pixy Two way Cake Fit (12.2g) - PHP 275
Pixy Coverlast (10g) - PHP 325

I am not adventurous when it comes to beauty products. I don't even have an extensive and humongous make up collection. I've always been a "baby powder + lipstick only" kind of person. In fact it was only late last year that I started building up my "kikay kit" and started wearing makeup frequently. I am not familiar with Pixy brand (I only know quite a few makeup brands) but I think this is a great brand based on the reviews online. But since my foundation, blush on and eye shadow are all relatively new, I will keep these for a while first and use it later.

Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence (30 ml) - PHP 495


First time seeing this brand also. I love to give this product a try. 

The box also comes with a brochure / magazine that includes a lot of tutorials , tips and tricks which I find helpful for a newbie (on applying make up) like me. It also has product instructions since most of the instructions on the product are in Japanese characters.

There are discount coupons also. 

If you'll do the math, the box worth a total of PHP 2,764 (thank you my dear calculator) and I got this subscription for only PHP 580. I saved a whooping PHP 2,184. This box is all worth it. I can't wait for my March box. I hope it will be just as amazing as this one.

How about you guys? Did you subscribed to January-February Box? What do you think of this box? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.

If you want to subscribe to the MAY BDJ Box (March and April box are sold out already) just visit their


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