Friday, October 21, 2016

My Experience at the 2016 BDJ Fair's Rise ABove the Waves

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Last October 16, 2016, I woke up around 4 in the morning, it's raining hard non-stop. I immediately checked my phone to see if there's a message from BDJ Team. There was none. I also checked the BDJ's FB page to see if they cancelled the fair (just like last year), and thank God there's none, too. It only means one thing, the BDJ Fair 2016 will happen as planned! Oh yeah!! Praise the Lord!

I arrived at the SM MOA Music Hall at about 9:15 am. There are quite a few Bellas that was at the venue already. It was then announced that instead of 10 AM, registration will probably start at 11 because they're still not done with the set-up. 

The VIP pass costs P 200 which include 2 talks, special access to Special Activities and planner customization. Grace to be Born (The maternity home and Nursery that provides shelters to unwed pregnant mothers) and Magbasa Kita Foundation, Inc.(The LIPAD project of MKFI and USAID to empower non-literates in Muslim community), are the beneficiaries of this year's fair.

After getting my VIP pass and my free washis (given to the first 100 pre-registered bellas to claim the VIP pass), I went to pick-up my planners. And then, I checked the booths and tried my luck in winning some of the games. I'm lucky indeed as I won lots of prizes.

Goldilocks - I got a pack of Coffee Crumble polvoron because I was able to hit their giant Cake Pinata.

Ace Water Spa - We have to take a selfie, post it on IG, used a certain hashtag and show it to them. I chose the eco bag as my prize because I forgot to bring one. 

Flawless - We have to spin the roulette and do the challenge to win a prize. Good thing mine stopped at "WIN A PRIZE" so I didn't do any challenge. Got a soap ans a voucher. 

Lynelle - You have to put 7 hair extensions and make sure the pins are not visible in 3 minutes. Was able to finished it on time and I won a hair clamp. 

Subic Grand Seas - I am given 5 rings to toss and I need at least 3 to toss successfully in order for me to win a prize. None of my toss was successful. hahahaha.. 

SM Parisian - Like their page and spin a roulette (in their laptop) and win a prize. Got a Jadine's postcard.

Wacoal - We have to match 5 under wears in 30 seconds. Got a mug as a prize because I was able to do it in 15 seconds. :)

ETC - strike a post in their booth, post it on IG and use a certain hashtag, wait to be printed, and pick a prize. I won a canvass bag. 

Serenitea - Register, Spin a wheel and win a prize. I won Erin Stuff Toy Key Chain. 

Jergens - get 10 Jergens Soap inside the ball pit in 30 seconds (not so sure about the time limit). I chose their mini notebook as my prize (blame it to my stationery addiction). 

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Mrs. Fields - won a 10% discount.

Red Mango - we have to shoot at least 3 toppings into a hole. Got P100 voucher.

I wasn't able to visit Keds, Celeteque and Chef Tony's booth. I tried the games at Vedette and Skin Station's booth but didn't win anything. 

VIP Pass holders can try bungee jumping, surf boarding, tarot reading and interactive photo booth. I skipped the first three and just got my photo taken and printed at the photo booth. Love the magnetic photo print that I got. :)

There's also a Freedom Wall where you can write anything.

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I pre-registered for the first 2 talks.

Pushing Yourself Further by Katrina Gumabao. 

She talked about working out, being fit and changing / improving ourselves.

The very important lesson learned from her
  • Being fit is not about being better than someone else, but being better than you used to be. 
  • Make a change because you love your body, not because you hate it. 
  • When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. 
  • Love yourself even when you reached your goal.
  • Ignore the haters.
  • YOU are worth more than you realise.
Empowering Yourself to Succeed by Elmie Cadungog.

She talked about the effects of Low self esteem and how to overcome it.

Ways to overcome Low Self Esteem
  • Surround yourself with Positive People.
  • Invest on your personal growth. 
  • Don't compare yourself to others. 
  • Don't criticize yourself and others as well.
  • Look Good, Feel Good.
After purchasing a Quest Journal (as requested by my friend), I decided to go go home since I'm a bit tired already. By the way, every VIP bellas went home with a loot bag. 

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I enjoyed this fair more tha I enjoyed the last one. And I will definitely be there again next year.

Thank you for reading this post. Love Love.. :)

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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Planner Affair: Gorgeous 50 Planner Meet

The most awaited Planner event of the year dubbed as The Planner Affair organized by the ever creative Cynthia Renard (the one behind Love Cynthia stamps) just happened last August 13 at SM Jazz Mall. Unfortunately I'm not one of those Lucky 41 that was given the chance to attend the said event. 
But Cynthia decided to organize another one, because a lot of planner girls were broken hearted. hahaha. And I can't be any happier because I was chosen to be part of the Gorgeous 50's Planner Meet. It happened a day after the The Planner Affair and was held at the Grand Hamptons 2, BGC Taguig. 

Coloring books and Snacks were waiting for all the participants. 

Some planner girls were generous enough to share their stamps, punchers and other planner paraphernalia to us.

Some of the stamps. I wasn't able to take photos for all the LC stamps that sis Cass Cancino brought.

Gorjuss Stamps

Prizes for the games.

 Photo taken before the planner meet officially starts. Planner girls were busy na. 

We are tasked to make our own name tag. The 3 most creative planner girls received some prizes. 

Foods were over flowing. 

During one of the games (Pinoy Henyo planner edition)

 Though, this event was free, all planner girls went home with loot bag. 

These pen was given to me by Cynthia as advanced birthday gift. Oh Yeah! :)

Inside the planner pouch are these goodies (except for the planner). Oh I love that LC limited edition stamp. Winner!!

All in all, I enjoyed the planner meet. It was the first planner meet I have attended outside South (South Planner Bellas have monthly planner meet). And I was happy to meet Cythia, Sir Albert and lots of planner sisters that I only see on Facebook planner groups. If given the chance to join another planner meet (paid or free), I definitely would love to attend. 

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Post Event:BDJ Rendezvous - Art of Now

I love attending BDJ events. As much as possible I want to attend them all. So when I wasn't chosen to join their July events (BDJ Box Soiree : Unmask Beauty with Vedette and BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless), I was a little heart broken. hehehe. 

That's why when Sis Grace Aragon sent me a message asking me if I want to go with her to this event I immediately said YES.

The event was held at Mega Atrium Lobby, SM Megamall last August 6.

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The event was hosted by Ms. Tracy Abad. And a BDJ event will never be complete without games and raffle prizes. so we kicked it off by having the first game which was sponsored by Jergens. The first 3 early birds were also awarded.. Yaahoo! I'm one of them. hahaha. We received  a Water Cushion Foundation from the The Face Shop PH. 

credit to Belle De Jour Facebook Page

ART of CREATIVITY  by sisters Roma and Maan Agsalud (of Pop.Junk.Love and Commom Room PH). They talked about how they started PopJunkLove and later on establishing Common Room PH (with 2 branches now). When they started the business, they don't have any background in management as they're graduate of Political Science and Mass Comm  (hope I'm correct with their courses) respectively. All they have was their passion and love for arts and crafts and their P5000 capital. What I learned from them is that, you have to stop making excuses and find ways to be resourceful and creative if you really want to do something. And when you think you're having a hard time and you find yourself getting tired of what you are doing, don't hesitate to STOP. Rest, recharge, reboot, and go out to seek inspirations outside your bubble and when you're ready, go back and start again. 

Ms. Roma and Maan Agsalud

There's another game and raffle draw after the first talk and then we proceed to the second topic. 

QUEST to WELLNESS by Nikki Torres (of Pretty Darn Fit). She practice veganism (she do not consume meat, fish or poultry and animal by products such as eggs, dairy products, etc. ) and also an advocate of holistic health, wherein she focuses on her whole being (mind, body and spirit) rather than focusing on specific body parts. She also shared to us ways to improve wellness. She told us to pay attention for things we enjoyed doing because it will constantly lift our mood. Don't forget to BREATHE.. Relax and quit obsessing with numbers. Gaining muscles is more important than losing weight or fats. Get enough sleep, Eat a rainbow (not literally) and get our nutrition facts straight. Get regular foot massage, take our eyes off the screen when it's time to rest and always make time to exercise.  The important lesson I learned from her is that, you have to prepare for the most important event - not the wedding, birthdays, summer (for bikini bod), but prepare for LIFE itself. Life happens everyday so never ever put a deadline. 

Ms. Nikki Torres

After the second talk, we had a short break. We were served with yummy snacks to fill our tummy.

I also took the chance to visit the Brand partners / Sponsors Booth.

BRAND YOU-NIQUE by Isa Garcia and Bea Vergara founders of The Better Story Project. They shared that the The Better Story has 3 main values. Empowerment (they encourage women to become leaders), Mentorship (it is important to have people to look up to and be an inspiration) and Community (where everyone can share and build confidence). They also shared the people they looked up to and why. The most important lesson I learned from this talk is that you don't have to be afraid to get out of your bubbles because getting out of it will help you discover who you really are. As what Ms. Isa said, "You have to expand your narrative. Build your own story and take ownership of your life". Don't care about others opinion of you, you don't have to be liked, YOU HAVE TO BE AUTHENTIC. 

Ms. Isa Garcia and Ms. BEa Vergara

FASHION WANDERLUST by Nicole Andersson . She shared to us the importance of finding our own personal style and her tips and tricks on how to dress up according to it. She also told us to FLAUNT what we have. And most importantly, our clothes doesn't have to be expensive, the way it fits to us is what matters. Even a 100 peso Ukay clothes will look good on us if it fits perfectly. 

I'm so glad I said YES to sis Grace. I really learned a lot from our speakers. I also got the chance to meet new Bellas and got to spend time to make chicka with the old ones. :)

and it won't be complete without loot bags. 

Hope you enjoy reading this post. : )  For more of the upcoming BDJ events be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

DIY Stickers Storage

Hello loves!! :) 

Do you have tons of stickers? I'm talking about the one you manually cut (not the kiss cut one by the machine) and you don't know where to store them? This post might help you (or not! hahahaha). 

Okay, since I started planner decorating I accumulated lots of stickers, most of them are the ones I stamped using acrylic / clear stamps I borrowed from my planner sisters during our monthly planner meet / stamping session and some from free printables I found on pinterest. 

Some planner sisters during our stamping session last July 16.

And here are the result of this mad stamping and free printables from Pinterest. Though there are still a lot more of uncut stickers in my stash.. :)  

I know there are stores that sells sticker books but I find it kinda pricey, so I decided to make my own sticker book. Got the idea when one planner sister shared her DIY stickers notebook in one of the planner groups that I'm following. I first tried the idea way back April (check my instagram video below). I pasted the back of the stickers on a bond paper then put them in a clear book. But I can't bring it with me (it's way too big) whenever I'm out of town. So I stored my stickers temporarily in a plastic zip lock.

Then this August, I decided to change planner. I switched from using my Kikki.K A5 binder to my Webster Pager Color Crush personal planner. And since I won't be using it anymore (as planner per se), I decided to use it as storage binder for this project.

So here are the things that you will need.

A binder (or a simple notebook if you don't have extra planner).
glue stick
sheets of paper. I got these papers from my suki notebook (from Mercury Drug). that I'm not using.
Puncher (to punched your paper to fit in the rings).
and a lot of patience (most especially if you have tons of stickers to stick).

All you need to do is to spread some glue on the back of you sticker paper (DO NOT PEEL OFF THE STICKERS!), then stick it on the paper. Then punched the paper (if you're going to use a ring binder and voila you have your own sticker book already..

So there you go. Hope you learned something from me. So how about you? How do you store your sticker flakes / manually cut stickers? Care to share?

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