Thursday, August 11, 2016

DIY Stickers Storage

Hello loves!! :) 

Do you have tons of stickers? I'm talking about the one you manually cut (not the kiss cut one by the machine) and you don't know where to store them? This post might help you (or not! hahahaha). 

Okay, since I started planner decorating I accumulated lots of stickers, most of them are the ones I stamped using acrylic / clear stamps I borrowed from my planner sisters during our monthly planner meet / stamping session and some from free printables I found on pinterest. 

Some planner sisters during our stamping session last July 16.

And here are the result of this mad stamping and free printables from Pinterest. Though there are still a lot more of uncut stickers in my stash.. :)  

I know there are stores that sells sticker books but I find it kinda pricey, so I decided to make my own sticker book. Got the idea when one planner sister shared her DIY stickers notebook in one of the planner groups that I'm following. I first tried the idea way back April (check my instagram video below). I pasted the back of the stickers on a bond paper then put them in a clear book. But I can't bring it with me (it's way too big) whenever I'm out of town. So I stored my stickers temporarily in a plastic zip lock.

Then this August, I decided to change planner. I switched from using my Kikki.K A5 binder to my Webster Pager Color Crush personal planner. And since I won't be using it anymore (as planner per se), I decided to use it as storage binder for this project.

So here are the things that you will need.

A binder (or a simple notebook if you don't have extra planner).
glue stick
sheets of paper. I got these papers from my suki notebook (from Mercury Drug). that I'm not using.
Puncher (to punched your paper to fit in the rings).
and a lot of patience (most especially if you have tons of stickers to stick).

All you need to do is to spread some glue on the back of you sticker paper (DO NOT PEEL OFF THE STICKERS!), then stick it on the paper. Then punched the paper (if you're going to use a ring binder and voila you have your own sticker book already..

So there you go. Hope you learned something from me. So how about you? How do you store your sticker flakes / manually cut stickers? Care to share?

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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