Thursday, June 30, 2016

Post-Event: Glam Indulgence: A BDJ Bootcamp Beauty Fair

BDJ Box held its second Beauty Boot Camp last June 26, 2016 at the Palm Grove, The Rockwell Club. The Beauty Bootcamp is composed of a beauty fair and a workshop. Entrance to the fair is free if you pre-registered before the event and P50 for walk-in Bellas. The workshop costs P800, that's I think is good for 3 workshops already. Since I have prior engagement before the date of the bootcamp was announced, I just pre-registered for the event and didn't buy ticket for the workshops. So my post is going to be just about the fair. 

First 200 Bellas were given a box of Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo. And I immediately snapped a photo of it (Can't wait to go home for the photo shoot. That's how excited I am to received it. hahaha) 

The first booth I visited was the Covergirl's booth. First 20 Bellas were given 1 Free Cheekers Blush. I took a selfie with my favorite product (mascara cardboard cut-out) inside their booth, posted it on my Facebook with their assigned hashtags and showed it to them. Voila!! I got one. Lucky me! :) 

The next one was the Flawless Booth. Good thing there's no long line as I'm the first one to visit their booth. You have to play a game of Spin-A-Wheel to get a prize. Winners will be  given a bar of Flawless Soap

I got the "Pink Pong" Game, wherein I have to shoot 3 pink pong balls (can't remember if its 3 or 5) inside the pink plastic caps within 30 seconds. Sadly I'm not born to be a shooter so I lost. hahaha. I was given a P100 voucher as a consolation prize. 

The The Body Shop booth's was giving away Love Your Body Club Card for the first 150 Bellas to checked in and answered their survey, so the line during that time was sooo long that they have to set a cut-off to prevent it from getting longer. Luckily, I was able to register before the cut-off so I was able to get a card plus a BB cream sample from their pick-a-prize box. :)

The last booth that I was able to visit was the K-Pallete's booth.

Got an eyebrow make-over. yay!!

Sadly I had to leave early, so I wasn't able to visit other booths. Though I want to try the hair make-over at Tony & Guy's booth, the line's a bit long, and I no longer have enough time to wait. :'( Anyway, sharing you other photos I took during the fair.

Free Hair Color Application at the Revia's Booth. All you have to do is buy 1 hair color worth P 143.00.

50% off at Covergirl's booth. What a steal!

The Long line at Tony & Guy's booth. Lots of pretty girls waiting in line. :)

 My hair badly needs some make-over.. hehehehe

Hope you enjoy reading this post. : ) 
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#PerksOfABella: Sundate at Ace Water Spa

It's been more than a year since hubby and I first visited Ace Water Spa. We've been meaning to visit it again but he's not allowed to take a day-off during weekends or holidays so I invited my sister and my 2 nieces to accompany me instead. Good thing is that I have 2 Buy1-Take1 coupons available in my #perksofabella booklet so we're able to save a whooping 1,100. Not bad, right? 

A photo posted by Rhea B. Tulagan (@iam_precious_23) on

We went there last June 19. It's Father's Day so the place was so crowded. :'( It's so sad that others stay on certain spa / massage area way longer than the recommended time so we have to wait for a long time to use all of them. The only area that I truly enjoyed are the hot pools and the sauna because it's not as crowded as the massage area. After an hour and a half I decided to take a nap and let my companions to roam around and enjoy themselves. 

Since it's still too crowded (more guests arrived after lunch) and we're too hungry to finished the 4 hours allotted time, we decided to leave early. Cameras are not allowed inside the locker / shower and spa area but I still saw some taking their selfies inside the locker area (talk about being pasaway).  

Sharing you some of the photos we took outside before going home.

So there, even though I didn't enjoy my visit this time as compared to my last visit, I'm still happy because I was able to spend a day with my sister and nieces. So it's still a memorable day for us!

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