Monday, May 25, 2015

Post Event - BDJ Passion Series: #SummerCreations

Last Saturday, I've attended another Belle De Jour Power Planner's event. BDJ Passion Series was held last May 23 at Red Mango Katipunan. Just like the other events by BDJ that I've attended in the past, the BDJ Passion Series: #SummerCreations was full of fun, laughter, freebies and prizes.

Create your own parfait and find your inner artist was the theme of the event. 

Okay, I'm not artistic at all. Next to numbers, art was the second subject I hated the most when I was still a student. But since I want to experience "this" and "that" before I turned 40, I decided to join the fun. So blessed that I was one of the chosen few to attend the event.

After the registration. we were seated accordingly. Being the first one to register I was seated on the first table together with Liriel and Abby. I first met them during the BDJ Box Soiree last February.

first in line. :) 
Ms. Mich, introduced the first speaker of the day. Ms Shenikah of Red Mango Philippines Katipunan shared to us the history of Red Mango and the benefits and advantages of Frozen Yogurt. She then told us that we will have a hands on experience of creating our own parfait. It was the first time that they allowed others  to enter the counter and make their own parfait. Hooray for that! :)

Ms. Shenikah of Red Mango Philippines Katipunan
The next speaker was Ms. Beam Mariano, an artist, stylist and art director. She's so tiny (as if I'm not) but she's full of energy. She discussed the basics of food styling, and gave us some tips and tricks to make our food appealing to the eye.

the super bubbly Ms. Beam Mariano
Then one by one, we were given a piece of paper (a guide to follow to create our own parfait), and we were ushered to the counter to make our own creations.

what's in my parfait?
Here's what I did.


Yeah! As you can see, my parfait is far from being artistic at all. I named my creation "FRUITY CRUSH PARFAIT". 

After each one of us finished our parfait, Ms. Beam took the "stage" once again. This time she discussed the basics of doodling, what materials we need to use and gave us some tips to make our doodles pretty and eye catching.

We were given a bottled water, and a set of Sharpie pens and markers and then we were asked to draw / doodle the most memorable summer experience we had on the bottle.  And being a true blue un-artistic person that I am, I got a little lost during the activity and I don't know where and how to start. But eventually I was able to finish my "masterpiece".



And even though I am the one who drew / doodled the bottle, I myself can't explain what I did there. hahaha. So let us just leave that bottle alone. :)

And a BDJ event is not complete without my (everyone's) favorite part -  raffle, freebies and prizes. :) Sharpie gave each bellas the pens and markers that we used during the doodling event. The cute swirly bowl and discount card were given by the Red Mango. I also won a 3-class pass for the upcoming BDJ Beauty Boot Camp during the raffle. Hooray for that. ♥

Aside from these freebies, what I like the most is that I was able to see my old friends and meet new faces that I know will be my new friends in the future since we will be seeing each other again. (assuming that I'll be invited again by BDJ Team :) )

To be updated for the upcoming events of BDJ Power Planner be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

#PerksOfaBella: Beat the Summer Heat at Ace Water Spa

Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last April 19. We decided to visit Ace Water Spa in Pasig City. 

Entrance Fee: For just P 550.00 per adult (P 250.00 for kids), you can enjoy full 4 hours of Hydrotheraphy such as lap pools, hot and herbals pools, and other facilities such as sauna and steam room . Since I have a Buy 1 - Take 1 coupon from my BDJ planner, we just paid P550 instead of P1,100. That's one of the many #perksofabella. ♥

Locker: After paying for our entrance fee, we went to the second floor where the lounge and locker  / shower area is located. We were given a key for our locker. I wore it as a bracelet to secure it. 

Camera: Using camera in the locker area and pool area is strictly prohibited. So no time for #selfie, #twofie and #groufie. hehehehe 

I took this photo from the ACE Coffee lounge
Swimming attire: Everyone should be wearing proper swimming attire such as fitted bathing suit, trunks and cycling shorts. Swimming cap is given by the staff once you enter the pool area. You can't remove it while you are in the water. 

Facilities: We tried everything that the Ace Water Spa has to offer. We started our adventure by trying all the different massages (soft, medium and hard). Aquatic jets is positioned strategically and massages specific body parts to sooth and relax tired and aching muscles.  My favorites are the Buttocks Massage, Waist jet massage, Rain Acupunture, and Jet Chair with Foot massage.  Another favorite of mine is the Sauna Room. My husband loved the Herbal Pool.

For complete of the facilities, just check it here

photo grabbed from ACE Water SPA Official Facebook
It took about 2 1/2 hours for us to try all the facilities. We decided not to consume the 4 hours stay since it's getting late, we're hungry and we still need to travel back to Cavite. But hubby and I will surely come back if our schedule permits.

ACE Water Spa Contact Details:

399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
(02) 367.8040 to 41; (02) 367.8061 to 62;

United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City

(02) 451-1111; 582-5754

ACE Water Spa Pasig City 
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#YhengCooks "Beef Fried Rice"

Hello there! I've been craving for Bonchon's Seoul Fried rice these past few days so I decided to cook something similar to that. Presenting my Beefy Fried Rice.

Let me tell you in advance that I didn't measure the ingredients that I used in this recipe. :)

cooked rice (2-3 cups)
lean ground beef (about 50 grams; you can add more if you want it more beefy)
tomato ketchup (I used 1 sachet from McDo)
oyster sauce
Gochujang or chili pepper paste (since it's a korean dish)
hoisin sauce
black pepper
spring onion

* mash the rice to loosen it. Set aside.
* beat 1 egg and pan fry. cut into strips. set aside.
* put the lean ground beef into the frying pan. let it cook for a while.
* add tomato ketchup, pepper paste, hoisin sauce and oyster sauce to the meat. mix well. (note: add according to your taste).
* add the rice. mix well.
* add salt (optional) and pepper to taste.
* add the egg strip. let it cook for another minute and turn off the heat.
* put spring onion and some egg strip on top for garnish.
* eat and enjoy your meal :)

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