Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Post Event: Kikay si Kat's 5th Blog Anniversary Party

I won an invite to join and attend Miss Kaycee's KikaySiKat 5th anniversary party. Wow!! Daebak! It was the first time I actually won a contest by a blogger (and I joined a hundred blog giveaways and contests for that matter). Anyway, I am a new follower. Truth be told I just followed her IG because someone tagged me to join the contest (which I think is a blessing in disguise). I'm ecstatic when I found out that I have won. I decided to attend even though Eastwood City is a bit far from where I am (I live in Imus, Cavite). 

It was my first time to attend a meet and greet organized by a blogger, and upon arriving at the party I felt kinda awkward because I came alone and I don't know a single soul out there. :) But Ms. Kaycee made it sure that everyone is taken care of so, it made me at ease. 

After I seated, there is this cute pinky slamnote (slambook) waiting on the table. She asked us to fill this up. Answering the form remind me of my elementary and high school days. Unconsciously I started looking for "what is love?", "Who is your crush?" kind of questions. Hahahaha. She then told us to swap our notes to someone else. 

Ms. Kaycee while explaining the mechanics. 
I won a BDJ Power Planner 2015 plus 500 GC from Bare Skin Wacing Studio.
Me and Ms. Kaycee. 

Everyone was a winner. Each one of us took home 1 piece of Sofia's Glutathione Soap from SVR.

And the food was superb. It was my first time to visit Tokyo Bubble Tea and it will definitely not going to be my last. 

I super love the Baked Chicken Teriyaki Doria. I'm not a fan of Maki but the Vancouver Maki is quite good. 

It was a short but fun filled and memorable experience for a first time like me. 

Here are some photos I took during the event. 

My seatmate / tablemate Glorie ♥
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#PerksOfABella: BDJ x CBTL (Taste Matters)

Here's another #perksofabella post for today. After some window shopping and having my free make over at the Benefit store, I decided to eat. I headed to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf since I don't want to eat something from fast food restaurant for a change. I used the "Buy any salad and get Today's Iced Tea for Free" coupon. 


Here's my order. Caesar Salad w/ free Southern Blend Iced Tea. I saved 125.00 :P

I loved that the Caesar salad's dressing was not thick and the greens and croutons are all crispy. It was my first time drinking Southern Blend Iced Tea. Though I'm not used to drinking tea, I find this one refreshing and delicious. This one will be included in my "to-go" drinks from now on.

I still have a lot of coupons to use. I'm planning to use the TGIF or Wingstop coupon next. Maybe on my birthday this coming August.

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#PerksOfABella: My Benefit Free Make-upper Experience

I was in Alabang this morning for a job interview, and since it ended before lunch I decided to drop by at Alabang Town Center to eat and do some window shopping (I have no budget for real shopping! hahaha). Upon checking my bag content, I saw my BDJ vouchers and coupons from the BDJ 2015 planner and from all the events of BDJ I've attended. Among them is the FREE makeupper and brow consultation coupon / voucher from Benefit that I've got from the recently concluded BDJ Beauty Boot Camp. So I decided to use it since I've never tried any Benefit cosmetics before. I approached the sales clerk / beauty consultant (her name's Rina, and I forgot to take a picture of her) and asked her if I can avail the promo, and she immediately said yes. She asked me to sit near the makeup counter while she's preparing all the thing needed for my transformation. 

I super love the store's color theme. Looks yummy! hahaha

MY BEFORE and AFTER. sorry for the poor quality photo ;)

Products that Ms. Rina used on my face.

1. Remove it make Up remover (not in the photo)
2. the POREfessional face primer
3. the BIG EASY Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation (i forgot to check the shade she used)
4. Hello Flawless (Honey "I'm cute as a bunny" shade)
5. Erase Paste Concealer (#3 deep)
6. Brow Zings (medium)
7. World Famous Neutral (i also forgot to check the shade she used)
8. They're Real! push-up eyeliner
9. They're Real! lengthening mascara
10. Benetint cheek and lip stain
11. Dandelion Face powder
12. Hoola Bronzer
13. Hydra Smooth lip color (sheer bubblegum). - not in the photo

I didn't buy any from the store (I told you earlier I don't have a budget T.T ). Though I love to have that Push-up eyeliner (wish I know how to use it), but since it's kinda pricey and I don't know how to apply eyeliner I think it will be a waste of money. But I can add that to my birthday wishlist and show it to my husband later on. hahahaha.

I'm thankful for Miss Rina for accommodating me and for being my Fairy God Mother even for a short time. I also thank Benefit and BDJ Team for providing us bellas an opportunity to experience something like this. I still have a lot of vouchers and coupons to use, and I'm thinking what should I try next.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Unboxing: June BDJ Box - Bioderma

Hello Guys! It's BDJ Box un-boxing time once again! But truth be told I'm not that excited to open this box. Why? Because I saw some posts saying that the contents are all in sample size and that took the excitement away :'(

Let's start unboxing. Unlike the 4 previous boxes (January - May Box), June BDJ box is a bit smaller. It's because everything is in smaller container and it'll be a waste to use the big box that we're used to. 

Bioderma collaborated with BDJ for this month's box. 

A pioneer since the 1970s, BIODERMA has acquired expertise by placing biology at the service of dermatology. BIODERMA's approach involves reactivating the skin's natural resources to help it resist and recover its normal functions, which are those found in healthy skin. BIODERMA has always sought to reconcile perfect effectiveness and better tolerance for each skin types and condition. (from

Here's what inside the box. 

The soothing active ingredients calm and decongest the epidermis, while the moisturizing agents improve comfort. The patented natural D.A.F. complex raises the skin's tolerance threshold. Pure, light and transparent, it leaves the skin soothed and hydrated, and ready for the application of a skin care cream.

Restore the youthful brightness of your sensitive eye area with this gel. Th lightweight hydrating gel works to decongest this most delicate area of our skin reducing puffiness and smoothing lines with its rigorously selective active ingredients. 
All skin types, including oily must be moisturized since they can temporarily become dry or irritated. This is especially formulated to compensate for such temporary imbalanc eby rehydtating and restoring the skin's protective layer. The moisturizing and restructing active ingedients fight against peeling and the sensation of tightness while powerful soothing active agents alleviate redness and calm the skin.

This non-comedogenic treatment cleanses the pores in depth while slowing the overproduction of sebum. It also smoothes the skin's texture over time, ensuring that it looks clear and more uniform. Soothing ingredients reduce irritaion and diminish the appearance of redness, and hydrating agents to make sure the skin is comfortable and soft. The light texture is rapidly absorbed and makes a great make-up base.

This targeted daily treatment works to tighten pores that are dilated, prevent imperfections, and mattify the skin both immediately and over the long term, thanks to the astringent and pore minimizer property of Fomes Offiinalis (mushroom extract). Antioxidants boost the skin's radiance and protect it from external aggressors, The lightweight, fluid formula melts into skin instantly, and creates an excellent base for make-up application.

When skin is atopic and dry, it can be extremely irritable, itchy and uncomfortable. The Intensive Soothing Emollient Care is created with Bioderma's exclusive Skin Barrier Theraphy complex, which restores the integrity of the skin barrier, prevents the penetration of allergens and enhances suppleness and comfort. Added Zinc and Betasitosterol provide intense anti-inflammatory care and helps to stop the itch.

When skin is chronically dry, you need a care product that will not only relieve, but also improve the problem. The Atoderm cream moistens the skin with anti-dehydrating agents, which hold water in the upper layers of the skin and stops it from evaporating. It cares for the skin of babies to adults, and can be used on both the face and the body fro renewed softness. 

With maximum anti-UVB and extreme anti-UVA performance, it guaranatees optimum protection against sunburn, sun intolerance and premature ageing. Exclusive patented Cellular BIOprotection complex effectively shields the skin against risks of cell damage. The melting texture feels very comfortable on the complexion and is perfectly colourless when applied, leaving no trace of white marks or a greasy film. 

This dual-purpose stain from the Body Shop gives your lips and cheeks a healthy-looking glow with one wash of color or builds up for a richer, deeper coverage. Used alone, it's a sheer stain, but can also be used as a great base for lip and even cheek products for a longer lating flush. Its moisturizing formulation helps to condition the skin with Vitamin E.

This month's box value including the lip and cheek tint is approximately P1,867.36 (my computation for Bioderma's product is based on actual sample's size received). I didn't include the 200 discount voucher in the computation.

I thought I'll be disappointed with this box contents given that this is all sample size (except for the lip tint). But contrary to that, I find this box okay. Yes, it's all sample size and the TBS cheek and lip tint is always on sale (P 495) in their store, but having to try BIODERMA products that is relatively new (and quite expensive) in the country is really a good opportunity to check if this really fits my skin. Aside from that it's all handy and does not occupy too much space. The only thing that I don't like in this box are the samples that is not in resealable packaging (Sensibio Tonique and Sensibio Eye). If only it's in resealable tube just like the other it won't be wasteful. And BDJ box should have stick to Bioderma products and not include the TBS product and Voucher but instead replaced it with at least 1 full size Bioderma product. 

This month's BDJ Box promo.
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