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Post Event: BDJ Beauty Boot Camp

Booths at the BDJ Beauty Bootcamp

Last Sunday, June 7, I've attended the firts ever BDJ Beauty Boot Camp. My initial plan was just to visit the fair, since I don't have extra budget for the classes they are offering. Fortunately, 2 weeks before the event, I won a 3-class pass for the workshop during the raffle draw at the last BDJ Passion Series so, I was able to attend 3 classes for free. Awesome, right?!

Anyway, the 1st BDJ Beauty Boot Camp was held at the Blue Leaf Filipinas in ParaƱaque. The first location among the BDJ events I've attended that I'm a little familiar with since I always saw it whenever I go to SM MOA.

My first workshop was scheduled at 11:45 am and I was at the venue around 10. While waiting, I decided to visit the fair and every booth that was in there. I chose to check the booths early on while it's still not crowded and I'm not yet tired. Every booth has their own "gimmick". 

Here are my favorite booths :). 

My first stop was at the Status Salon Booth. I registered and pick a prize. I won a FREE Blowdry. 

I got the chance to be a cover girl for a while. I'm the World's Biggest Star (in my dreams) hahaha.. :) 

Etc and 2nd avenue booth where  I won Igloo lunch bag (from etc.) and Spice Jars (2nd avenue) by following their IG account and by posting my own photos I took from their booths. Yeey! 

Left: Too Cool for School Sample Booth where you have to present your BDJ pamphlet to get the free samples. 

Right: The Flawless booth where your Golfing skills will be tested. Too bad golf is not my forte. Anyway, I was given a 500 discount voucher for trying.

I also tried the Pond's Skin Analyzer. Too bad my skin's age is a bit older than my actual age.:'(



This is my most favorite workshop among the 3 classes I've attended. It's because I love experimenting different styles / nail art. I even had dotting tools and different brushes at home.

Miss Paula Pangan was the speaker for my first workshop. She taught us what to do to prepare the nails before doing the nail art, the basic nail art designs and the tools needed when doing your nails. She also showed us some design she made in the past.


The designs I made on my nails. I just played with the red, green and silver color nail polish since the colors available was limited.

Each attendee were given a loot bag with 2 nail polish inside.

<< Ms. Paula and I after the workshop.

This workshop was not my first choice. I was confirmed at the "Be Wedding Ready w/ Max Factor" but was informed 2 days before the workshop that there's no slot available so I have to change it. Oh well. :)

The speaker for this workshop was Ms. Gex Garcia, Senior Makeup Artist of L'oreal Paris. This workshop is about applying make up properly. She taught us the different techniques when applying powder, foundation and primer and other stuff. She also make a demo on applying minimal makeup to achieve the "NO MAKEUP LOOK" which is a trend nowadays.

Ms. Gex and I after the workshop.

I'm a little bit sad because there's no freebie from L'oreal for all the attendees. They just gave I think 3 items to those who answered their questions correctly. :'(

My last workshop was from L'oreal Paris again. The workshop is about makeup tricks and tips for Asian eyes. 

Lower left: Ms. Verna with the model.
Lower Right: Ms Manga Mascot surprise appearance during the workshop.

Ms. Verna Marin was the speaker for this workshop. She's L'oreal Paris Chief MakeUp Artist. Just like the previous workshop, she talked about how to properly prepare the skin before applying makeup first. She also made a demo on how to achieve the doll eye look. From how to properly apply eye shadow, what eyeliner to be used and how and where to apply it to achieve the look down to applying mascara properly.

After all the workshop, I decided to head home because it's getting late already.

My workshop certificates :)
Here's what I've got from the fair. It's all for Free :)

Samples from Aloe Derma, Shu Uemura, Tony Moly, Cure, Too Cool for School, Clean and Clear, meg and hola magazine.

Vouchers and Coupons from Shu Uemura, Goody, Flawless, Sorci, Red Mango

Igloo lunch bag from etc and spice jars from 2nd avenue

Photo print from the canon booth and from 2nd avenue booth.

I got lots of freebies.. Yehey! Well, that's BDJ event we are talking about. You'll never go empty handed once you attend one of their events. I enjoyed the Beauty Boot Camp fair and the workshop very much. Can't wait for the next event.

To be updated for the upcoming events of BDJ  be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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