Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Post Event: Kikay si Kat's 5th Blog Anniversary Party

I won an invite to join and attend Miss Kaycee's KikaySiKat 5th anniversary party. Wow!! Daebak! It was the first time I actually won a contest by a blogger (and I joined a hundred blog giveaways and contests for that matter). Anyway, I am a new follower. Truth be told I just followed her IG because someone tagged me to join the contest (which I think is a blessing in disguise). I'm ecstatic when I found out that I have won. I decided to attend even though Eastwood City is a bit far from where I am (I live in Imus, Cavite). 

It was my first time to attend a meet and greet organized by a blogger, and upon arriving at the party I felt kinda awkward because I came alone and I don't know a single soul out there. :) But Ms. Kaycee made it sure that everyone is taken care of so, it made me at ease. 

After I seated, there is this cute pinky slamnote (slambook) waiting on the table. She asked us to fill this up. Answering the form remind me of my elementary and high school days. Unconsciously I started looking for "what is love?", "Who is your crush?" kind of questions. Hahahaha. She then told us to swap our notes to someone else. 

Ms. Kaycee while explaining the mechanics. 
I won a BDJ Power Planner 2015 plus 500 GC from Bare Skin Wacing Studio.
Me and Ms. Kaycee. 

Everyone was a winner. Each one of us took home 1 piece of Sofia's Glutathione Soap from SVR.

And the food was superb. It was my first time to visit Tokyo Bubble Tea and it will definitely not going to be my last. 

I super love the Baked Chicken Teriyaki Doria. I'm not a fan of Maki but the Vancouver Maki is quite good. 

It was a short but fun filled and memorable experience for a first time like me. 

Here are some photos I took during the event. 

My seatmate / tablemate Glorie ♥
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Until here.
See you soon folks!


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