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Post-event: BDJ Rendezvous - Watch Me Shine!

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I've attended another BDJ Rendezvous this year. BDJ Rendezvous - Watch Me Shine was held at Glorietta 3 last June 27. I was at the venue around 11:00 AM. Since the registration will only start at 12:30 I decided to grab a bite at the nearest McDonald's outlet. The event started with a game and a raffle and was hosted by Sarah Carlos. If you don't know her, she will be the new Bea Bianca in Pangako Sa'yo (ABS-CBN Teleserye).

Sarah Carlos
After the game and the raffle, we then proceed to the first topic "Follow your Style Persona" by Ms. Kristine Garduque of the "The Heteroheroine".

Kristine Garduque
She talked about how to feel pretty and sexy while wearing comfortable laid-back clothes. She also talked about the common style mistakes.        

Common Style Mistakes
> too much bling, too much skin
> poor fitting clothes
> bad proportion
> inappropriate clothing
> compromising comfort
> blindly following trends

The second topic was "Win the Financial Game" by Mr. Aya Laraya of "Pesos and Sense". This was the topic that I'm interested the most and the main reason why I decided to join the event. Now, I'm trying to visit his website once in a while to read and learn more about investing. ;)

What I've learned from Mr. Laraya's  
> Investing is a choice between something good and something potentially better.
> You should know the purpose why are you investing. Is it for your retirement, for big purchases in the future or for your tax obligations.
> Learn to invest and how to do it (investing) smartly.
> The 3 key factors before you invest - Time, Money and Knowledge
> Where to invest - Stock Market, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate.

Mr. Aya Laraya
The next speaker was Ms. CJ Jimenez, a Professional MakeUp Artist and an International Image Consultant. Her topic was "MakeUp Rules to Live By". She first talked how MakeUp changed her life.

What I've learned from Ms. CJ
> The reason why do we need to wear makeup.
   * to gain confidence, for self and artistic expression, to create the image you want to project.
> How to set right makeup for your daily look.
   * know the purpose (if its for job interview, teaching pre-schooler, going to party or date)
   * the place (if it's air conditioned, in a hotel or in a mall, office or if you're going to commute or not)
   * time (day time, night time, sunny, windy or raining).
   * what will you be wearing (glamorous, simple, casual, corporate, colorful, etc).
> Basic make up rule for a chic like you.
   * take care of your skin (cleanse, tone, moisturize, block and exfoliate), eat healthy, sleep well, stop smoking)
   * always go with simple fresh look if your not sure
   * do not overdo your make up (one focal point on your face is enough).
   * remove your makeup every night.
   * use high quality products, right tools, and good application techniques.

Ms. CJ Jimenez
After the third talk, we had a short break. We ate and visited the booths of Ponds, Ace Water Spa and Canon Philippines. Maila, Tasha and I posed at the Canon photo booth and asked the photographer to print 3 copies for the three of us. :)

The Ace Water Spa Booth's "Pachinko Machine". I won a fan. :P 
Sarap :)
The last speaker was Ms. Karen Agustin-Ostrea, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe-2002 and an Image Consultant (Global Image Mangement). Her topic was "Keep it Real on Social Media". She told us this, "Your Online Image is People Perception of You". She then explained that image is no longer about your face, body and look but rather our image is attached on our presence online. She also talked about the Social Media Etiquette to follow. 

Social Media Etiquette
> Keep it Real, but not to real. - do not post / express too much negative / negativity
> Be mindful of your post / comments online.
> Avoid posting opinions about people and controversial issues.
> Post photos that show you on a neutral or positive light.
> Don't flood people's timeline with hourly updates of your self - selfies, status updates, etc.

Ms. Karen Agustin-Ostrea
 All in all I enjoyed the event. I learned a lot and can't wait for the next BDJ Rendezvous.

the BDJ loot bag
I won another 300 worrth of Status Salon GC ( i won one from the last BDJ Rendezvous: Made to Fly event).

To be updated for the upcoming BDJ events be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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