Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#PerksOfABella: Sundate at Ace Water Spa

It's been more than a year since hubby and I first visited Ace Water Spa. We've been meaning to visit it again but he's not allowed to take a day-off during weekends or holidays so I invited my sister and my 2 nieces to accompany me instead. Good thing is that I have 2 Buy1-Take1 coupons available in my #perksofabella booklet so we're able to save a whooping 1,100. Not bad, right? 

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We went there last June 19. It's Father's Day so the place was so crowded. :'( It's so sad that others stay on certain spa / massage area way longer than the recommended time so we have to wait for a long time to use all of them. The only area that I truly enjoyed are the hot pools and the sauna because it's not as crowded as the massage area. After an hour and a half I decided to take a nap and let my companions to roam around and enjoy themselves. 

Since it's still too crowded (more guests arrived after lunch) and we're too hungry to finished the 4 hours allotted time, we decided to leave early. Cameras are not allowed inside the locker / shower and spa area but I still saw some taking their selfies inside the locker area (talk about being pasaway).  

Sharing you some of the photos we took outside before going home.

So there, even though I didn't enjoy my visit this time as compared to my last visit, I'm still happy because I was able to spend a day with my sister and nieces. So it's still a memorable day for us!

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See you soon folks!


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