Monday, November 9, 2015

Plan ahead with 2016 BDJ Power Planner

It's almost the end of 2015, and to those who loves to plan ahead of time or simply loves planners and journals as a whole, surely is looking for the best planners to use right now. I'm seeing a lot of different planners and journals posts but I'm sticking to my favorite planner of all time - The BDJ Power Planner. 

This year's planner is their 10th edition. 10 years na ang BDJ Planner. yoohoo!! Anyway, I got my planner during the pre-order week, and I'm supposed to pick it up during the BDJ Fair. Unfortunately, BDJ Fair was cancelled (due to typhoon Lando) and moved to a much later date. Good thing though is that the BDJ Team decided to shipped all the pre-ordered planners free of charge. *clap clap clap for the Team. :)


1 Belel De jour Power Planner
Perks of a Bella booklet
BDJ Lifestyle Card
stickers to mark special days
magnetic bookmark

Price: P 598 though I got mine for P 500 (discounted price)

Today I'll show you what's inside the 2016 BDJ Power Planner. If you have the 2015 planner, the contents is basically the same. 

Be Brave. Love Deeply. Shine Brighter.

2016 Goals- List down anything and everything that you want to achieve in your life. Be it in short period of time or 3, 4, 5 or 10 years from now.

Happiness List: List down anything that makes you happy and glad - a movie, a particular song, a place and a lot more.

Dream Board: I can't wait to fill this with images of my dreams and goals (short-term and long-term) to achieve this year and the coming years.

The Ikigai: Know your reasons why you wake up every morning.

Menstrual Tracker:

Health Checklist:
Beauty Essentials Checklist.

Event's Tracker

BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge-

Bills Tracker
Cash Flow Tracker

Weekly Spread

2016 Checklist-  I forgot to take picture of the 2016 checklist, I haven't completed the 2015 Checklist yet. hehehe.

Monthly Article.

There are few additional that I've seen.

The planner comes with a Perks of a Bella booklet with 40,000 worth of freebies and discount coupons and a BDJ lifestyle card. It can be found at the back pocket of the planner. Unlike my 2012 coupons which I left unused, I got to enjoy some freebies and discounts using my 2016 perks of a bella coupons. Though I still didn't used enough coupons to have a free planner. hehehe, 

There are quite few additional store partners where you can avail discounts and freebies. Hooray for that. The more the merrier!! ♥♥

I'm planning to give this one to my best friend not because I don't like it but because I want to buy the one with the leather cover for me. It's actually my first choice but because my G-cash balance was not enough during the pre-order schedule, I settled for this one. I'm planning to grab one this coming BDJ Fair.

You can avail the BDJ Power Planner and other planners in their website. There's on-going Bundle Sale at the moment. 

Or you can visit their pop-up store at these venues. 

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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