Monday, November 2, 2015

My Planner Stuff Mini Haul

I went outside today and do stuff / chores that I'm supposed to do tomorrow because I got bored inside the house. hahaha. I went to Pag-ibig to pay for our housing loan, went to SM Bacoor after to settle our Meralco Bill, went to BPI to deposit some money into my savings account and then bought some stuff for my husband (shampoo, soap and deo). I also bought some planner stuff for my planner designing. I got inspired to design my planner after joining "Journal&Planner Enthusiasts Philippines" on Facebook. After buying planner stuff, I went to Starbucks and reloaded my card, bough a Mocha Frappe and got the planner sticker cards. Yay! 

Anyway, here's what I bought. (I bought some at SM Department Store then the rest at Pandayan Bookshop in Imus)

P 12.50 each 

P 30 each; 2 for P 49.00 at Watson

P 79.00 ; Pandayan Bookshop

the stamp designs
 I think I need to buy a better stamp pad because the free stamp pad is not of good quality. Well, what to expect, the price is pretty cheap.

I tried using some of the stuff I bought to my BDJ Power Planner.

I really don't have any artistic bones in my body so it's quite clumsily designed. But I'm pretty satisfied with what I did. Don't worry, it'll get better. :) 

Till next Time!

See you soon folks!

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