Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My BDJ Power Planner 2015

A personalized BDJ Power Planner is one of the few things I included on my Christmas Wishlist. But since I can't wait for my secret Santa to read my post, I just decided to buy one for myself. I got mine from online Shop (Bundle A, which includes 2 planners + Planner sleeves + ribbon and tag + free shipment for only PHP 1,000.00). The other planner is for my friend. She paid for the other half by the way. hehehe. Sad to say, it's not a personalized one since I have a very limited budget. Anyway, the contents are just the same so no problem at all.

To those who haven't experienced using a BDJ Planner (I had one way back 2012), you will definitely ask, "Why BDJ Power Planner?" Well for me, BDJ Power Planner is not just your ordinary planner. Aside from being colorful and a fun filled planner it also includes articles, tips, tricks and tools that will surely help all the Bella out there. It is a great tool for people who would want to be organized all throughout the year.

Let's take a look of what this planner has to offer.

The Planner, The Booklet of Discount Coupons and The Stickers to mark special dates to remember.

What's inside BDJ Power Planner 2015?

"Dance to the Beat of your Dreams"

The Special Pages:

2015 Goals - here you can write down what you want to achieve in your life.  Seeing what's written here will help you to stay focused and motivated in achieving it.

My Happiness List - This page is dedicated to anything that makes you happy and laugh.

Dream Board - Visualize what you want for yourself. Paste some cut-out photos from magazines that best represents that dream. This page will serve you an inspiration to work harder towards achieving your dreams.

2015 BDJ Checklist - Every year I make it a point to write down a simple "Bucket List" and at the end of the year, I checked what I have accomplished. Some task on this checklist seems simple and easy to achieve, others requires guts, money and determination. But nonetheless seeing that you accomplished something on this list will help boosts your self confidence.

Dance your Way through Life - Know your reason for getting up every morning :)
 The Menstrual Tracker - I always have app like this on my Ipad Mini. This will help you keep track of your menstrual pattern. No more surprise visit. hehehehe :)
 My Health Plan - A guide and checklist to a healthy You :)

This corner is for beauty enthusiast, as well as for rookie (like me) who is just starting their personal "beauty kit".

This is what I am talking about. The articles, tricks and tips every start of the month that every Bella will surely love. This is a must read. ♥
Monthly Tools: Where you can jot down important events, your good habits that you want to focus for the month, as well as your thoughts and feelings.
Weekly Features - has weekly affirmations written on top of the page to keep your morale boosted for the entire week. It also provide space for your to-do-list, personal errands, schedules and a lot more. 
Gifts Tracker, Bills Tracker and Cash Flow Tracker - this one will help you track your financial matter.

The back expandable pocket where you can put your stickers, and coupons.

The Perks of a Bella: BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card. This is your membership card and ticket to gain access to all BDJ events throughout 2015. What I like the most? The Card is already included in the planner. Way back 2012 ( I don't know if it's the same for 2013 and 2014), you have to "Claim your BDJ card" at their website and wait for a week or two (for the delivery) to have one. This year I'll try to maximize the use of this card since I didn't use my last one ever.
Discount Coupons. 40,000 worth of discounts coupons! Who doesn't love discounts and freebies? Definitely not me! I love them! hahaha.

Another thing that I love about this 2015 planner, is that the discount coupons are in a separate booklet. I remember tearing all of my coupons from my 2012 planner one by one so just it won't be bulky and heavyweight. Now I can just bring the booklet if ever I don't want to bring the planner itself. Super convenient. :)
2015 BDJ Coupon Completion Promo. Use your coupons and you can get your 2016 planner at a discounted price or for Free. :)
All in all, this planner is just awesome and perfect for my taste. I LOVE IT ♥♥♥

This planner and other designs are available online at You can also buy it from Fully Booked and National Bookstore. For more information about this planner, you can check and follow BDJ at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do you already have your 2015 Planner, or are you planning to have one? What do you think about BDJ Power Planner 2015? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.

Until Next Time.

See you soon folks!

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