Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

          With just 38 days left, Christmas is definitely just around the corner. And because of that, I decided to put up my 2014 Christmas wishlist, just in case my secret Santa decided to visit my blog. hahaha. I have a very short list, since I know that more or less I'll be the one to buy it for myself.

          And here's my grown-up Christmas list.

       * 2015 Personalized Belle De Jour Power Planner
        * Pink Apple Earpod since the one I am using right now is not working properly anymore. And I LOVE PINK ♥

* Calvin Klein Beauty because I am running out of my favorite perfume.

* Wedge Sneaker has been on my wishlist since the start of 2014, and I hope to get my hands (and feet) on this before Christmas.

So, this has been my list. Not much right? How about you? Do you have your Christmas wish list already? Comment down if you have one. :)

Until next time.

See you soon folks!


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