Monday, November 17, 2014

Foodie: Lechon Kawali

      Today is my husband's rest day, so, I decided to cook Lechon Kawali. Since I love to cook, I am constantly looking for food blogs to check their recipes. One of my favorite food blog is Panlasang Pinoy by Venjo Merano. He has a lot of easy to cook Filipino Dish and just right for my taste. This Lechon Kawali recipe, is one of the recipe posted in his blog and I, for the first time today, tried to cook it.

     Tada! my Lechon Kawali. ♥ Super Love it.. 

      I posted below the Ingredients and Procedure just in case you want to try it at home. 


      a slab of liempo meat (approximately 2 lbs)
      2 tbsp salt
      2 tbsp pepper corn
      5 pcs. bay leaves
      4 1/4 cups of water
      3 cups cooking oil (in my case I only used 1 1/2 cups because I have a small frying pan)

      1. Put the water on the pot and bring to a boil. 
     2. Put in the meat, then add the pepper corn, 1 tbsp of salt and the bay leaves and simmer for 30 minutes or until the meat is tender. 
    3. Remove the meat from the pot and let it cool down. I put mine in the chiller for about 15 minutes. 
      4. After it cools down, spread the remaining salt evenly on the meat. 
      5. Heat up the cooking oil in a pot, and put the meat and let it cook until the immersed side brown and crispy. 
      6. Flip the meat to cook the other side. 
      7. Serve it with steamed rice and lechon sauce. 

     Do you have a different version of Lechon Kawali? Hope you can share it with me.

Until Next time!

See you soon folks!

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