Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Haulage: Sample Room Collective Haulage

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that I mentioned in my last haulage post that it would be the last for 2014, but here I go again. Can't help myself! Seriously I needed to stay away from online world for a while if I want to save money. Anyway, this post is all about what I bought from Sample Room.

First, I purchased the VIP points for PHP 799.  Maybe some of you will  be asking, "Why buy VIP points when you can use your free points naman?". "Is it worth it?". Well, I've been meaning to try it for a long time, but only recently that I was able to do it. I remember that there was a lot of times that I can't get the samples I want to try because I don't have enough points. So yeah I bought it.

Last November 26, Sample Room posted a photo about Christmas Sampling on their Facebook Page.
Knowing that I will be needing more points to be able to try a lot of samples, I decided to avail the VIP membership. Unfortunately, VIP membership was not available during that time. :( So when they posted the first 2 samples from Olay, I wanted to cry. Samples are selling like hotcakes and is decreasing dramatically and yet, I still have no points to use. It was only until November 30, that I was able to avail the VIP membership. Hallelujah! :) So after verification, I got a total of 1,113 points on my account (1000 VIP points, 113 regular points).

Anyway, my first haulage happened December 2. Here's what I bought.

* Olay Aquaction Nourishing Emulsion 50g - PHP 829 (500 points needed) 
* Hygienix Antebacterial Hand Spray 55 ml - PHP 39 (20 points needed)
* Vitress Special Edition Soleen Hair Cuticle Coat 30 ml - PHP 80 (40 points needed)

* All are in full size
** Shipping Fee - 140.00

My second haulage was last December 8. Here's what I got.

* Colour Collection HD Lipstick (Raspberry Red) 4g - PHP 399 (100 points needed)
* Colour Collection HD Lipstick (Pink Berry) 4g - PHP 399 (100 points needed)
* Colour Collection HD Lipstick (Cinnamon Red) 4g - PHP 399 (100 points needed)

* All are in full size
** Shipping Fee - 140.00

Aside from these two package, I received another one.The VIP Gift Pack. Given for every VIP membership availed. Here's what inside the box.

So if you're going to do some math (I'm not fond of that subject), you will see that I received more, than the value of what I paid for. And besides The VIP points is recyclable for 2 months. In fact I got back the 500 points I used in availing the Olay Aquaction because my review for that product was approved already. So I can say that it's still "sulit" to the max. Therefore, availing VIP membership is all worth it.

So that's all for my Sample Room haulage. I'm trying not to visit their FB Page and the website now because I am not planning to spend more. hahahaha..

You can check Sample Room here: 

See you soon folks!

** this is not a paid advertisement :)

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