Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I am now a #CertifiedBaker ♥

I've got so busy these past few days that I can't even update this blog. I have tons to blog about but  I think this one should be in the top priority list. 

It's been 3 months since I attended a Cookery Class at Imus Vocational and Technical School. I had fun learning a lot of techniques when it comes to cooking different kinds of dishes as well as baking really good breads and pasties. I'm planning to improve some of the recipes we've tried, so I can come up with my own version. But for now, I have to pass all the competency assessments so I can have the much coveted National Certificate II for Bread and Pastry Production and another National Certificate II for Cookery. 

And guess what? Yes, I passed the Bread and Pastry Production Competency Assessment yesterday! What a beautiful way to end my March since I've been so stressed and unhappy these past few days.

We took the assessment yesterday at the Standard Culinary and Technical Skills Training Corporation in Dasmariñas, Cavite. 

This photo was taken after we arrived at the assessment center. We were all so fresh looking here. By just looking at this picture alone, no one can definitely tell that we were all so tensed and a little bit afraid. 

After the registration of all the applicants, we were all given a number which will determine our station for the whole duration of the assessment. Then we had an orientation in which the assessors explained everything we need to know about the assessment process. They also explained what we need to bake and in what order we are going to do it since the number of the baking sheets, the pan and other utensils available are not enough for all the 43 students taking the competency assessment during that time. The assessment is divided into two categories, the actual and the oral / interview. We all did the actual / demonstration first.

We were tasked to make 4 different products, the dinner roll (bread), swiss roll with butter cream filling (cake),  cream puff (pastry) and the eclair (petit four) with custard filling. All the basic ingredients (the dry ingredients) are all prepared in advanced by the testing center.  All we need to do is to get other ingredients and then do it one at a time. I must admit that even though I memorized all the ingredients and the procedures by heart, there was a brief moment that I forgot everything, so I did some breathing exercises to calm my  nerves. I was thankful that I was able to do all four products without much problem. Some of my classmates had to repeat some of their baked product because it does not reach the standard quality. Good thing I finished everything in one go. We took a short rest then the assessor call us (two students at a time) to ask us some questions about baking. Each students were given different questions and I think we (I and my partner) were given the hardest questions after comparing it to others when we are all finished.

But to make the long story short, I SURVIVED (as well as all my classmates)! Yesterday was definitely one of the best day ever. I still need to wait 10 working days though to claim my NC II, but I think that waiting for that day to come is all worth it. I just need to do well for the next Competency Assessment (for the cookery part) so I can have both certificates. 

After the assessment, we decided to eat out to celebrate. We went to SM Dasmariñas since it's just nearby. 

at Kenny Rogers SM Dasmariñas


Until here.
See you soon folks!