Monday, April 13, 2015

#PerksOfABella: I ♥ Parisian Shoes

Good Day Bella!

Here's another #PerksOfABella post from yours truly. This time I used the SM Parisian 20% Off Coupon. I want to buy myself a gift for passing the Bread and Pastry Production Assessment last March 30. I originally thought of using the coupon to buy a new bag but since I just bought a bag less than a month ago, I decided to just buy a new pair of sandals. 

Growing up, my mother and my sisters used to buy my school shoes from Parisian, and it usually lasts the whole school year. I rarely buy shoes but when I do, I always go to Parisian stalls first before somewhere else. And more often than not I always ended up buying a pair before I can move onto a new location or brand. :) What I love about Parisian is that they're comfortable, durable and most of all affordable. 

Anyway, here's what I bought.

* Please excuse my ugly feet. ^^v

I usually choose black or red color for my sandals, but this time I chose nude / skin tone for a change. This one costs Php 799.75 but I got this for just Php 639.8 since it's 20% off. I still have 3 SM Parisian coupons left.. Hmmm... What should I buy next?

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Until here.
See you soon folks!


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