Sunday, January 11, 2015

My 2015 Dream Board

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! This is going to be my first post for the year so I want to start it by sharing you my dreams by presenting you my dream board. A few weeks back, I joined BDJ x Canon's Dream Board Contest. I didn't win the major prize (Canon Selphy) but instead got a Canon Journal as consolation prize. But anyway, due to that contest, I was able to finish my Dream Board. 

What is a Dream Board? A dream board is a place where you put your dreams (Personal Life, Career, Relationship, Health, Financial and a lot more) either on an illustration board, cork board or other types of board. You start by thinking about your goals and then cut-out photos of people, places, quotes,  and etc. from magazines that best represent that dreams.

Here's my dream board entry to the contest. 

I put it above my mirror on my "dresser" table, so it's the first thing I see in the morning and the last at night. I also printed a copy of my dream board and put it in my planner so I can be inspired to work on it wherever I am since I carry my planner every time.

Here's what's in my dream board.

1. Save to have financial freedom . We (hubby and I) can only achieve financial freedom if we start saving up for our future. I want us to have financial independence even if both of us are no longer actively working. For this year, our target savings ranges from 60,000 - 70,000.  So both of us has to work hard.

2. I want to be a chef. This has been my long time dream. I have don't have much money to attend prestigious culinary academy, but since our municipality has Vocational and Techinical School that offers different courses including Cookery, I decided to enroll. In fact, our first class will be held tomorrow. So I am kind of excited to act on pursuing this dream of mine. 

3. I want to Travel. I rarely travel, and whenever I travel, I can't go that far. First because I can't go alone since my husband is working. Second, because we are on a tight budget. So I want to save and travel in the future. I want to go to Palawan, Bohol and Korea. :)

4. Family Life: I dream of becoming a mom. Though hubby and I are working on it. hehehe, ;-)

5. Be Healthy always. My goal is to loose some weight. I kinda gained weight especially during the holidays. I started working out and started eating healthy. an old saying says "Health is Wealth".

So, that's it.  How about you? Do you have a dream board? If you don't have, are you planning to make one? I hope you can also make yours. It is so nice to have something to look forward and something to work on.
So until next time.
See you soon folks!


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