Thursday, January 29, 2015

Declutter Challenge: January 2015

Decluttering Challenge is yet another challenge I want to take. I came across this blog post by From Overwhelmed to Organized  entitled 365 Items in 365 Days Decluttering Challenge. The Rule for this Challenge is to declutter 365 (or more) items from your house and it has to leave your home. Either you donate it, sell it, give it to others or throw it away if the first three things are not applicable. So I start this challenge today. 

I woke up early today and the first thing that came to my mind was to clean up all the mess I am seeing inside our room. Today I focused on decluttering my "dresser table" (It is actually an old computer table that I covered with pink wrapper and plastic to look a little feminine and to hide the wear and tear on the table).

Before: My Dresser Table on State of Calamity :) 

What a mess, right? Well, I'm a bit busy these past few days since I am currently taking up cooking class so I got no time to clean up. Excuses! Excuses! hahaha. There's a lot on my dresser table that has been sitting there for ages, accumulating tons of dust. Most of them are lipsticks. 

My Lipstick Rack: Before (above) and After (below)
This is how my dresser table looks like after decluttering and organizing my stuff. What I don't know is how long it will stay organized. 

Before (Left) and After (right)
And I am saying goodbye to these. Half of my lipsticks goes straight to the garbage can. I want to sing ♫♪Goodbyeeeee!, I hate to see you go, lalalalalala ♫♪. I'll try to do another posts about these lippies that I once loved and treasured. :)

Presenting my very organized dresser table.

This has been my first decluttering activity. I will post another one once I am done decluttering and organizing another part of our humble abode.

Do you have any decluttering and organizing tips, you want to share? Don't be shy and leave a couple of tips at the comment section below.

Until here!
See You soon folks!


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