Thursday, January 15, 2015

My 2015 Challenges

Hello guys! How are you today? I hope everyone is fine. Anyway, I want to share you some of the challenges I set for myself. The challenges I want to win this 2015. 

1. 52 weeks Challenge. This is a long-term challenge. If you have read my Dream board post, saving is the first thing on my list. I came across this challenge last year, but only this year that I decided to take this challenge seriously. It's simple as 1-2-3. All you need is

1. A goal. Mine is to save at least 60,000 this year.
2. A piggy bank where you can put your savings, or a separate bank account if the amount is big enough to open up a new account.
3. A 52-week challenge docs that will be your guide the whole saving process.

How to do this challenge?

1. You need to set a starting amount. Any amount will do. In my case, my starting amount is P10. What?! You probably want to ask me, how the hell I am going to save up at least 60k, if my starting amount is just P10, that's P13,780 only for 52 weeks? Well, aside from this challenge my husband and I, put 4k a month in a cooperative where we can withdraw our contribution plus interest earned by our money by the end of the year. So there goes our savings mostly. So we can achieve our the 60k goal by the end of the year. Anyway, let's get back to business. 

2. The amount you are saving is compounding as the week progress. If for example your starting amount is 10 on the first week, you will need to save P20 for the 2nd week, P30 for the third week, so on and so forth. In short, it's always plus P10 to your previous savings. Kindly refer to the table below. 

3. Check out the weeks that you already fulfilled. This way, you can see your progress. 

4. The most important thing is to NEVER, EVER spend the money you are saving. your challenge will all be nothing but useless. 

I hope you can do this challenge too. It's so nice to have savings for future needs. 

52-week Challenge template

2. 50 Books Challenge. As in actual book and not an e-book. I sign up for this challenge just today. It doesn't matter if the books are brand new, second hand, new release or a very old book. Just as long as it's interesting. And because of this challenge, I will surely visit a lot a thrift shop where I can shop for second hand and old books by my favorite authors. I also want to try genre other than what I usually read. This is also a long-term challenge. So good luck to me. 

3. The No Junk Foods Challenge. I dubbed this one as the "How to die in 21 days". hahahaha. Just Kidding. :) This challenge looks pretty simple, but if you see the list, you will likely ask yourself, "Can I do this?", "Can I live without all these sweets?". I can't blame you. I also asked myself that question a lot of times. In fact, I'm still reluctant to try this one. I can't let go of my Ice Cream and Soda yet. But since I want to have a healthy life style I'll give this challenge a try. I probably won't die not eating these. This is actually a short-term challenge (21 days) but can be a long-term if you want to continue doing it. Not a bad idea living without junk foods all the way. ;)
(cto: BodyNomics Facebook Page)

So there you go. I may add other challenges short term and long term as 2015 progress. Hope you can share the challenges you are doing right now, so I can maybe try it later. And I hope that you can also try these challenges. And have fun!

Until Next Time!
See you soon folks!


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