Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Sample Haul ♥

I love trying new products, but honestly I'm not keen on shelling our budget for new products that I don't know if will work for me or not. That's why I love joining giveaways and contest hosted by Bloggers or by the brand itself through their social network sites. I also signed up to different sample sites in order to get my hands on to those new products, new samples before they hit the market. 

I got 4 new deliveries these past few days. All of them are sample products that I got from different websites. Here they are.

From EverydayMe. I got 2 full sized Safeguard for Men (400 ml).

hubby and I got 1 safeguard for  men each
You can register here for free. Just visit their site everyday to check if there's free product available for claiming. Once you see it, click CLAIM PRODUCT as soon as possible as products gets easily sold out.

From BDJ. Belle De Jour Power Planner partnered with Olay and EverydayMe in giving us bellas these amazing products fro free. I just updated my profile at BDJ Power Planner website and waited for the survey that they sent via my email. I answered the survey and waited for the package to arrive.

From Sample Room. It's been a long time since I last ordered samples from this site. It's either my current points is not enough (I haven't buy VIP points lately) or even if it was enough, the samples I want is OUT OF STOCK. So, when I saw the products available during my last log-in, and saw that I have enough points, I immediately grabbed some samples. 

I got these using my 125 points :)

Register to Sample Room and you will be given 100 points for free. You can then use it to avail samples. Use the product, rate the product according to your experience, write a review and wait for it to be approved. 1 point will be given to you after you rate the product, then points used to purchase the sample will be given back to you once your review was approved.

So what are you waiting for? Register to these websites and enjoy the perks and privileges they give.

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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