Friday, September 25, 2015

BDJ Beauty Social 2015: Global Glam

took this photo before leaving the venue.

Hello! BDJ Box Beauty Social 2015 happened at Glorietta 2 last September 13, 2015 and I was there. It was my first time attending a BDJ Beauty Social event so I was excited during the whole time I was there.

I arrived around 11:45, went to the registration booth to get my passport and then leave the venue for a while to eat lunch. I went back around 12:30 to check the booths.

Candies / Sweets at the Cover Girl Booth. This was the first booth that I've visited. Got some candies for free.

I was alone so I decided to just take a snap chat of the booth and leave. No Selfie for me. hahaha ^^

BDJ Beauty Ministry 
After visiting the Cover Girl's Booth, I decided to just hang around near the talk while waiting for our our turn. By doing so, I got the chance to listen to the Q and A's between the Bellas and the BDJ Beauty Ministry. 

All pre-registered Bellas were given a passport. Each passport has 1 raffle entry, 1 loot bag ticket, Talk Line Up, Booth Checklist, etc.

During pre-registration we were asked to choose 3 talks we want to attend, but only 2 was given to us during the confirmation. I think it's because the seats were limited and there are lots of Bellas who registered.

The first talk that I've attended was "Get the Look of Love with Revlon. The speaker is Mr. Eman de Leon. I first saw him during the BDJ Made to Fly event last April. He talked about the new product of Revlon which is the PhotoReady Eye Art. 

Mr Eman De Leon, Ms Celline (beauty blogger), and Ms. Apple David (the host)
He also demonstrated how to apply the eye shadow and how to achieve the Day Look and Night Look using the product. 

After the talk and demo, there's a quick Q and A session, We then lined up to exit the area for the next talk. Before we can exit, we have to surrender the survey form that was given to us. 

Since I also need to attend the next talk, I immediately lined up with the other Bellas who will be attending it. 

Confidence is the New Sexy with Strip and Browhaus by Ms. Miselle Bergonia (Certified Image Consultant) was the next topic. She discussed how to still look at your best given that our weather changes drastically in a short period of time. She gave us Rainy Day Make up tips, Rainy Day Hair Care tips, Rainy Day Skin Care tips, tips on How to Dress up during Rainy Days as well as the different types & advantages and disadvantages of hair removal. 

At the end of her talk, she leave us with the quotes:

"Beauty and transformation can only be achieved when you atart with a beautiful and positive attitude!"

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out."

After the talk I lined up to get my loot bag. My favorite. hahahaha. Then I went around to check the booths. 

A photo posted by Yheng Tulagan (@iam_precious_23) on

Visited the Koragem Premium / Morrison Premium booth, took photos, posted it on my IG and FB, then showed it to them in exchange of product sample. :) 

I also visited the The face Shop booth and tried their free Eyebrow Grooming and make over. And the line was so loooooong. 

After having my eyebrow makeover at the TFS booth, I visited the next booth which is the Status Salon booth. Experienced another long line of Bellas. I paid 50 for my hair make over. You can choose to either Curl your hair or Blow Drying. (Blow Dry was for free during the Boot Camp :'( ). Anyway I super love the result that I'm thinking of having my hair permed this coming December. hahaha

I wasn't able to check and visit all the booths (sad) because lining up for my makeover took a lot of my time. I decided to leave the area after my makeover and look for something to eat.

All in all I enjoyed spending my day at the event. I also got to meet my bella friends :)

And here's what I've got from the event. :)

what's inside the BDJ loot bag ♥
Samples from the brand partner's booth

For more of the upcoming BDJ events be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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