Friday, August 14, 2015

Post-Event: BDJ Rendezvous- #AWomanWhoMatters

A super late post once again. 

The Last BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters happened last August 8 at SM Mega Mall Atrium Lobby. I was at SM Megamall around 9:30 am (the mall opens at 10), because I want to be one of the early birds to receive a gift pack, but sad to say, I was the 5th person to arrive (sad face). We waited for 3 hours for registration to open. 

The event was hosted by Apple David (PBA court side Reporter). The event featured three beautiful and accomplished women who shared their tips and experiences in their respective careers. 

Ms. Apple David


She's a professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger though she just started this year. She shared to us the Do's and Dont's in anchieving the Corporate Look. 

... do fake lashes in the office.
... fixate on embellishing up your eyebrows. 
... fake-bake or test-drive any complexion changing beauty products on weekdays. 
... do frosted or glittery lip thing / shimmery eye shadow.

... find a look that enhances your natural beauty.

She also shared to us the 5 Ground Rules to Corporate Look. 

1. It has to stand the test of time.
2. It has to be low-maintenance and easy enough for you to be able to complete in a rush
3. it should enhance and not hide who you are. 
4. It shouldn's be distracting 
5. It should make you feel both comfortable and amazing.

She also shared tips on using, applying and choosing different makeups and she recommended some brands good makeup brands. 

Ms. Nikki Duque


She's very young, energetic and vibrant entrepreneur and a part owner of The Girl and The Bull Restaurant and 12/10 Bar.

This topic's the main reason why I attended this event. I'm managing my online shop for 5 years now, and I'm dreaming and hoping to put up a physical shop in the future. So I wanted to know what she did in order to be in her place right now. 

Her Tips. 

1. If you want to start something you have to really give your all.
2. Hard work is really a part of it.
3. Don't lose yourself in the process of your hard work. 
4. Don't forget to have fun.
5. Maintan good relationship with your staff / team.
6. Always have a mindset of a beginner so it's okay to make mistakes.
7. Always think that there's always something to improve.
8. Always say Thank You and always be humble and grounded.

Ms. Thea De Rivera


She's a blogger (Perspire to Inspire) and a volleyball player / athlete. She talked about the importance of exercise and what exercise we should try. Honestly, exercising is the one I'm not keen to do. I tried running / walking early in the morning before, but I only lasted for 1 week. I'm so lazy to do it. 

She recommended some exercise to try.

CROSSFIT - strenth and resistance training
PILATES - carve the core
SPIN CLASS - Ride and burn calories
KICK BOXING - Ride and Burn Calories.

Ms. Melissa Gohing

Aside from these talks, there's also the raffle, the games, the food and the loot bag.

I wasn't able to take pictures with the speakers and the host because I have a headache the whole time and I struggled to keep up.

Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took. 

Raffle Prizes

while waiting

Bellas lining up to register at CBTL booth and to get a free CBTL 3-in-1 ready coffee

What's inside the loot bag

What I've won at the raffle

free 3-in-1 coffee

the food

To be updated for the upcoming BDJ events be sure to check their website and follow their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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