Thursday, January 28, 2016

Planner Meet with the Craft and Planner Bellas from the South

Hello! Lately I've been addicted to buying planner stuff used for decorating / creative planning. I've joined groups for planner and journals addicts and met lots of people who shares the same passion and addiction. hahaha.

One of the groups that I've joined is the Craft and Planner Bellas from the South. The group's purpose is to unite all crafters and planner addicts that lives / residing in the South Metro (Las Pinas, Cavite, Muntinlupa, ParaƱaque, Laguna). And last January 23, we had our first planner meet at Designer' Blooms Cafe in Molito Alabang.  I and ate Venus (and her daughter) were the first to arrived at the venue. A little later other Bellas arrived. We stayed at the second floor, so we had a little privacy while we are doing our session. hehehe. :)  We had a raffle (I won a tassle (?) ball charm for my planner). We also had a pop-up store where I bought my first sets of deco tape and some washis. We're supposed to have a puncher party, but unfortunately the one who will be bringing the punchers had an emergency (with work). Anyway, here are some photos from our meet-up. (Just grabbed them from sis Genny). 

planner tower. Guess where my planners are.

planner bellas

I won!! hehehehe

cupcakes from sis Genny

pop-up booth

planner tower once more. 

So far I enjoyed our time spent together. I learned a lot from them. And I got lots of ideas on how I can improve my designs and decorations on my planner. Will definitely attend the next planner meet. :)

Until here.
See you soon folks!


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