Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Haul: Christmas Decors

my fist Christmas tree in 4 years :) 
This year will be the first time (after almost 4 years) that I am going to put up a Christmas tree again. So, I decided to buy some Christmas decors little by little.

2 days ago, I went to Pandayan Bookshop to buy some stuff. A Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments and other decorative materials. Here's what I bought.

2 pcs Christmas Garland Spiral - P 9.00 each

6 pcs Poinsettia - P 14.50 each

I got these poinsettia at a sale price (original price is 29.00).

2 sets of Christmas Ornament - P 60.00 each

Christmas Tree - P 165.00

I can't wait to decorate this tree. I will post it once I am done with the decoration. How about you guys? Dis you already put up some Christmas decors? Share yours in the comment section.

So, until then.

See you soon folks!


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